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  BOCZKOWSKI Timothy ... ... USA ... ... ... 2
aka 1990 1994 NC

The state Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the death sentence for a Ross man convicted of killing his second wife in the couple's hot tub.
The court ordered Timothy Boczkowski, 48, to be sentenced to life in prison without parole for the Nov. 7, 1994, strangulation of his 36-year-old wife, Maryann. [ReadOn]

  CHRISTIE John Reginald Halliday ... +1953 UK ... ... ... 8
aka Monster of Rillington Place ... ... London

John CHRISTIE´s sexual inadequacies made him a very angry man. In the 1940s and 1950s this British maniac killed at least five prostitutes, his wife, another woman and her baby daughter. He also kept a collection of clipped pubic hairs, some of which did not match any of his known victims. [ReadOn]

  CLEMENTS Dr. Robert George *1890 +1947 UK ... ... ... 4
aka 1920 1947 Southport

A British physician and practicing "bluebeard," Dr. Clements was charged with killing his fourth wife and strongly suspected of slaying her three predecessors, as well. His first two brides were described, respectively, as victims of "sleeping sickness" and "endocarditis," with Clements signing the death certificate in each case. [ReadOn]

  CLINE Alfred Leonard *1888 +1948/08/.. USA ... ... ... 4+
aka Buttermilk Bluebeard 1930 1945 location

A prolific American "Bluebeard," Cline was linked with at least nine homicides between 1930 and his arrest in 1945. Eight of his wives were dispatched after willing their earthly possessions to Cline; his single male victim was an evangelist, Rev. Ernest Jones, who made Cline the heir to $11,000 shortly before his "unexpected" death. [ReadOn]

  SPANGLER Robert ... ... USA ... ... ... 4+
1978 1993 ...
Robert Spangler wasn't the typical serial killer, methodically murdering citizens in the community. He was killing off members of his own family.
In December 1978, he killed his first wife and their two teenage children in their home in Littleton, Colorado. He left a fake suicide note to make it look like his wife had taken their children's lives and then her own. The coroner concluded that it was a double homicide/suicide and the case was eventually closed. [ReadOn]

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