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In February 1983, a special grand jury convened in San Antonio, Texas, investigating the "suspicious" deaths of 47 children at Bexar County's Medical Center Hospital over the past four years. A similar probe in neighboring Kerr County was focused upon the hospitalization of eight infants who developed respiratory problems during treatment at a local clinic. One of those children had also died, and authorities were concerned over allegations that deaths in both counties were caused by deliberate injections of muscle relaxing drugs. Genene Jones, a 32-year-old licensed vocational nurse, was one of three former hospital employees subpoenaed by both grand juries. With nurse Deborah Saltenfuss, Jones had resigned from Medical Center Hospital in March 1982, moving on to a job at the Kerr County clinic run by another subpoenaed witness, Dr. Kathleen Holland. By the time the grand juries convened, Jones and Holland had both been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by the parents of 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan, lost en route to the hospital after treatment at Holland's clinic, in September 1982. On May 26, 1983, Jones was indicted on two counts of murder in Kerr County, charged with injecting lethal doses of a muscle-relaxant and another unknown drug to deliberately cause Chelsea McClellan's death. Additional charges of injury were filed in the cases of six other children, reportedly injected with drugs including succinylincholine during their visits to the Holland clinic. Facing a maximum sentence of 99 years in prison, Jones was held in lieu of $ 225,000 bond. An ex-beautician, Jones had entered nursing in 1977, working at several hospitals around San Antonio over the next five years. In early 1982, she followed Dr. Holland in the move to private practice, but her performance at the clinic left much to be desired. In August and September 1982, seven children suffered mysterious seizures while visiting Dr. Holland's office, their cases arousing suspicion at Kerr County's Sip Peterson Hospital, where they were transferred for treatment. Jones was fired from her job on September 26, after "finding" a bottle of succinylincholine reported "lost" three weeks earlier, its plastic cap missing, the rubber top pocked with needle marks. (In retrospect, Dr. Holland's choice of nurses seemed peculiar, at the very least. Her depositions, filed with the authorities, maintain that hospital administrators had "indirectly cautioned" her against hiring Jones, describing Genene as a possible suspect in hospital deaths dating back to October 1981. Three separate investigations were conducted at Bexar County's hospital between November 1981 and February 1983, all without cracking the string of mysterious deaths.) On November 21, Jones was indicted in San Antonio, on charges of injuring four-week-old Rolando Santos by deliberately injecting him with heparin, an anticoagulant, in January 1982. Santos had been undergoing treatment for pneumonia when he suffered "spontaneous" hemorrhaging, but physicians managed to save his life. Their probe continuing, authorities branded Jones as a suspect in at least ten infant deaths at Bexar County's pediatric ward. Genene's murder trial opened at Georgetown, Texas, on January 15, 1984, with prosecutors introducing an ego motive. Like New York's Richard Angelo, Jones allegedly sought to become a hero or "miracle worker" by "saving" children in life-and-death situations. Nurses from Bexar County also recalled Genene's plan to promote a pediatric intensive care unit in San Antonio, ostensibly by raising the number of seriously-ill children. "They're out there," she once told a colleague. "All you have to do is find them." Jurors deliberated for three hours before convicting Jones of murder on February 15, fixing her penalty at 99 years in prison. Eight months later, on October 24, she was convicted of injuring Rolando Santos in San Antonio, sentenced to a concurrent term of 60 years. Suspected in at least ten other homicides, Jones was spared further prosecution when Bexar County hospital administrators shredded 9,000 pounds of pharmaceutical records in March 1984, destroying numerous pieces of evidence then under subpoena by the local grand jury.

Die 27-jährige Genene Jones wurde für 11 Morde 1984 in San Antonio, Texas zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt. Die Krankenschwester aus Berufung liebte es mit unheilbar kranken Kindern zu arbeiten. Da sie sehr mobil war und in verschiedenen Einrichtungen in und um Texas beschäftigt war, besteht der Verdacht, daß ihr 46 Kinder zum Opfer fielen.

Ihr Tatmuster waren Injektionen mit Digoxin für geschwächte Kinder, wonach sie sich durch wundersame Wiederbelebung als Heldin feiern ließ. Sie mordete sogar weiter als sie bereits unter Investigation des CDC (Center for Desease Control) stand und wurde von ihren Vorgesetzten vehement verteidigt. Als sie im Prozeß von 1984 in Texas verurteilt wurde, vernichteten sämtliche Institutionen, wo sie gearbeitet hatte, die entsprechenden Unterlagen, um weitere Nachforschungen zu verhindern.

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